Almost all pet owners get separation anxiety when they leave their pets with a new pet facility. It's a little like putting your kid on the school bus for the first time-it's painful. You're thinking, "What if they don't feed my pet properly or what if my pet gets sick?" And you'll have a lot more questions. We know. That's why we have done our best to outline the services you will receive with us. Trust is something earned and we are committed to treating all of our guests as members of our own family.

At Canine Cottage, we proudly guarantee our "Canine Cottage Commitment" to each guest that enters our building. We are committed to providing a safe, clean and fun environment for your pet. Anything less is not Canine Cottage. I am sure you are thinking, "Well what does that exactly mean?" Below is an outline of our commitment to you and our guests.


  • Well trained and qualified staff members and CPR educated staff
  • Local 24/7 emergency vet partners
  • Monitored activity for all pets during and after meals to help reduce the risk of bloat
  • Compatibility screened playgroups


  • Stringent daily cleaning procedures
  • Raised beds
  • High level cleaning/sterilization procedures and products


  • Open areas for running and playing
  • Supervised one-on-one or group play times available
  • Multiple play yards and areas
  • Photo and videos streamed through social media services
  • Water play when weather permits