• Drop off/pick up times are:
    Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to noon and 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • We do not offer Saturday or Sunday daycare at this time.
  • We limit play groups to a maximum of 2-8 dogs per group.
  • Staff members are present with the dogs at all times.
  • We can administer topical or oral medication if needed.
  • We will feed dogs breakfast, lunch and/or dinner if owner supplies food (bring it in a container with dog’s name on it).
  • We have indoor and outdoor yards.
  • We offer fun activities throughout the day
  • Your dog will have rest periods periodically. It's very important for dogs to have rest in between play.


Doggie Daycare Rates and Packages:

  • New Dog, First Day Evaluation - $20
  • Full Day of Daycare - $25
  • 5-day standard package - $24/day ($120.00)
  • 10-day standard package - $23/day ($230.00)
  • 20-day standard package - $22/day ($440.00)
  • 30-day standard package - $21/day ($630.00)


  • ALL GUESTS must complete a full day evaluation along with 2 additional daycare days prior to boarding. (We are primarily a daycare facility so we must assure that your dog can acclimate to that environment)
  • If boarding during Monday-Friday, dog will attend daycare with staff and a play group all day.
  • If boarding Saturday/Sunday, boarding staff will be on-site several times a day
  • Drop off/pick up times during Monday - Friday 7am-Noon and 2pm-6:30pm. Drop off/pick up times during Saturday/Sunday are 8am - 10am, and, 4pm-6pm.
  • There are 2 options: Basic and Deluxe.
  • We do not offer weekend daycare or grooming at this time. 

Basic Boarding Rates (appropriately sized crate with comfortable bedding, owner provides food):

  • $35 per 24 hours (daycare included for Monday-Friday stays)

Deluxe Boarding Rates (walkabout indoor kennel, suitable for up to 3 medium family dogs, raised beds, owner provides food):
These kennels are most desirable and book up quickly!

  • $50 per 24 hours (daycare included for Monday-Friday stays)

Grooming Rates

*Please note that prices are approximates according to size of dog being groomed—additional/adjusted fees may be applied as applicable

  1. Small dogs. 2 to 23 pounds
  2. Medium dogs. 24 to 58 pounds.
  3. Large dogs. 59 to 99 pounds.
  4. Giant or Extra-Large dogs. 100 or more pounds.

Full-Service Bath Package includes:

Bath, Brushout, Nail Trim and/or Grind, Ears Cleaned and Anal Glands Expressed

*Small Dog $35-$40

*Medium Dog $40-$50

*Large Dog $50-$60

*Giant or Extra-Large Dog $60-$70


Full-Service Groom Package includes:

Bath, Brushout, Nail Trim and/or Grind, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands Expressed, Face/Paw Pads and Sanitary Area trim, Haircut of your choice

*Small/Miniature Dog $50-$60

*Medium Dog $60-$70

*Large Dog $70-$80

*Giant or Extra-Large Dog $80-90


Other Grooming Services (Add-On or Individually):

Paw Pad or Face Trim - $10                Nail Trim/Grind - $17               De-Shed/Brush-out- $22

Sanitary Area Trim - $15                      Anal Gland Expression - $17

Breath Refresh - $7                             Teeth Brushing - $17               Ear Cleaning - $7